Early stage startup

Interim Executive

Brand & Identity






“Diana has supported as a Sales Enablement and Marketing leader at VANTIQ. At a fast-paced software startup, I often need a very quick, responsive, and creative person to help me design and develop high-impact content for C-Level presentations. Diana meets this challenge for me, and I highly recommend her.”

James Allen

Global Technology Sales &

Field Enablement Leader



“Diana has been contracted as our acting Director of Marketing at VANTIQ for the last three years. I can truly say that she has been an irreplaceable resource as I have built VANTIQ’s marketing team from a single (me) to almost a dozen employees and contractors. Her creativity and ingenuity are tremendous but most important is her positive, can-do spirit and agility in the face of constant change. We are continuing to use Diana today and I would definitely bring her on in future organizations I may be involved in.”

Blain Mathieu, CMO, VANTIQ



VANTIQ is a technology platform that enable you to rapidly build and deploy software applications that run everywhere and connect to anything – to monitor electric grids, traffic, crowds, equipment, or anything that moves.

The mission of VANTIQ is to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation with innovative technologies to digitize while maximizing the effectiveness of humans. The latest technology advancements will usher in an era of greater change than the world has yet seen. VANTIQ’s products facilitate the transition to this highly complex, information-driven world.